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Pic of the Week: Dubai  Cruise
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 went much more smoothly, however I realise that my playing skills are so much slower than the kids, and they have jumped ahead. I resigned myself to giving up and moving around the room watching the kids play, as I was missing out on too much action in the game. The video capture software is hopefully capturing their game play.

My video camera is capturing their language and discussion, as they seem to have split into two distinct groups. Jordan and Scott have gained higher levels and teamed up with Amy across the table and are working together. Amy is actually the furthest through the game. I suppose I imagined that the boys would be better at this - gender prejudice?

It seems that there is three stages of training, elementary, Intermediate and advanced. They are now working through their advanced training, still on training island though. The other three Harley, Sophie and Stuart are also working together, but at a lower level, not quite moving at the pace of the other three. There are characters in the game that one must talk to - these are guides for the different levels that describe the tasks required to move further into the game.

The complexity of the game is quite astounding, and the kids seem to grasp the rules through experimentation rather than reading the game -play web site. They also gather implements, clothing, weapons, food and of course money. They frequently add powers and skills to their "skill tree". At higher levels one can collect spells and use magic. interesting to see their cooperation emerging, they also run off and play by themselves at times, then team up later at strategic points once they have completed tasks.

You can see examples of game play here:

and here:


The player guides are worth reading in the forum section of the web site:


The comprehensive newbie guide is useful:


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How Creativity is being strangled by the Law - Lawrence Lessig

This is Lawrence Lessig's TED presentation, On "How creativity is being strangled by the law." Lawrence Lessig is Professor of Law at Stanford law school and founder of the Creative Commons Movement. See Lessig.org

Information revolution - Automaton Overture by GlobalMantra

This music is a piece from the multimedia show "Automaton". I composed the music, for which I won the Chapman Tripp Sound Designer of the Year Award. I made this video for fun, I hope you like it.
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Gavin's Remix on Remix!

This is my version of what Larry Lessig had to say about copyright and the internet, as well ideas about Remix Culture and the theories of Eisenstein. Acknowledgements to Mike Jones, Don Tapscott, Lev Manovich & Larry Lessig.

Shift Happens - Gavin's Remix

This video is actually my remix video made from a slideshow on slideshare.net originally created by Karl Fisch, acknowledgement goes to "Elephant (Dub Mix)" brilliant music by Spiral System from Zen Connection 4, see http://www.zenconnection.com.au/ Since he showed this presentation to a group of students in 2006, this has been viewed in various forms by over 5 million people.

Ray Kurzweil on "I've got a Secret" 1963

Ray Kurzweil appeared on this TV show as a very young man in 1963. His secret was that the piano piece he played had been composed by his computer. Even in 1963, he was 30 years ahead of his time! He went on to invent the first digital synthesizer with Stevie Wonder in the early 1980's.

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